The formula for staying hydrated, without becoming over-hydrated, via Eric Oehms.

As football practice is in full swing with two-a-days in the late July heat, we have heard many stories of dehydration. Not only is dehydration a topic that concerns many coaches and parents, by over-hydration is one we have seen concerns about as well. The article below was written by Eric Oehms, ATC for Encore Rehabilitation, on how to stay hydrated, without becoming over-hydrated.

Hyponatremia in athletes is a rare but deadly reduction of salt levels and electrolytes caused by drinking too much water.  When practicing or working for prolonged periods of time in the heat, it’s best to weigh yourself before and after activity in order to measure fluid loss from sweating and urination.  Athletes should consume water and sodium containing fluids to keep their weight loss to less than 2% or 4lbs for a 200lb athlete.  For every pound you lose, you should drink 20oz of water or sports drink within 2hrs of exercise.  Also, check urine color to ensure proper hydration status.  You want a lemonade-like urine color, not an apple juice like urine color.  The darker your urine color, the more dehydrated you are.”

– Eric Oehms

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