Encore Pediatric Summer Camps – “We put the fun in functional!”

Encore Rehab proudly presents a multi-disciplinary Summer Therapy Camp (STC) 2015.

STC 2015 features cooperative learning environments for all ages, helping to foster independence and self- confidence, while achieving mutual goals. These individual programs are designed collaboratively and facilitated by our very own speech and occupational therapists.  In an effort to ensure that all children have an opportunity to participate in STC sessions; each are priced affordable at $20.00 per camp session. Please contact Encore Rehabilitation – Cullman Clinic to sign up for groups at 256.775.3737

  • Social Skills & Life Skills Groups

    • Thursdays – beginning June 18th last session on July 16th

 Introduce social skills by exploring different methods of social thinking while encouraging appropriate ways of interacting with others.  Groups are focusing on the importance of treating everyone in a respectful way and what that means.  Social stories will be used to describe different situations your child may encounter with friends. Children will be provided with opportunities to interact in a variety of settings.

Incorporated into group will be the component of expanding an individuals’ ability to complete life skills, important to growth and basic daily living.  Groups are centered on how to prepare basic meals and clean up, order from a restaurant, and skills to increase ability to handle emergency situations.  Scenarios are created and explored in age appropriate forums.

Participants will be grouped in the following age groups:

    • Elementary (4 years to 9 years)
    • Middle school (10 years to 14years)
    • High school  (15 years and above)
  • Fine Motor Skills & Sensory Group

    • Tuesdays – beginning June16th last session on July 14th

Groups are focused on activities which help in the development of fine motor skills, including weight bearing on the hands, postural control and shoulder stability, as well as muscle development.  Group activities which include development of the arches of the hands, the thumb and its web space, separation of the 2 sides of the hand which helps with in-hand manipulation, bilateral integration, and the development of hand and finger strength, as needed for successful writing. Incorporated into fine motor skills participants will be exposed to controlled sensory input in accordance with their individual needs.   In each session, children are presented with the appropriate challenges to allow for personal growth and increase of functional abilities.  The activities provided are meant to help the nervous system modulate, organize, and integrate sensory information.

Participants will be grouped in the following age groups:

  • Elementary (4 years to 9 years)
  • Middle school (10 years to 14years)
  • High school  (15 years and above)

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