Mr. Wyman makes great recovery from a work injury with rehab at Encore Rehabilitation-Long Beach

Mr. Wyman is having great success with his rehab at #EncoreRehab Long Beach

David Wyman came to Encore Rehabilitation-Long Beach with a lot of shoulder pain and very limited range of motion due to a compounding work injury. 

He says, “Physical Therapy at Encore Rehab Long Beach has been a huge help and Karen and her team have been a great asset to my recovery. I am now about 80% and have learned so much from Karen. I will continue my treatment here as long as I can.

Mr. Wyman, thank you for your testimony and for being an outstanding patient!

Encore Rehabilitation-Long Beach
5107 Beatline Road, Suite 300
Long Beach, Mississippi 39560
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Dawson Sutherlin is Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Long Beach!

Welcome to Kollin Cannon, DPT, with Encore Rehabilitation-Long Beach

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