Coming back after covid, pneumonia, & a stroke, Mr. Box is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Winfield!

Back to skeet shooting, dancing, and performing the “Metchie Move”, we are proud to introduce you to C.W. Box, Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation – Winfield!

Mr. Box, longtime pastor in the Winfield area, states, “I was in the hospital in January with covid pneumonia and then again in February for pneumonia. I was so weak I could hardly go. Sometime during these illnesses, I had another stroke that effected my left side.”

When asked why he chose Encore Rehabilitation for his physical therapy he stated, “My son had used Encore Rehabilitation previously and I was familiar with your service and I knew I would get the best help.”

Thank you, Mr. Box, for trusting us with your healthcare needs. We are so happy that you have been able to get back to skeet shooting and dancing at your grandkids weddings. He can be seen on social media from time to time performing the “Metchie Move.”

Regain your daily activities again! If you are in need of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy or Speech Therapy, we would love to help YOU!

Encore Rehabilitation – Winfield
199 Carraway Drive, Suite A1
Winfield, AL 35594


Encore Rehabilitation participates in Winfield High School STEAM Expo and Career Day

Happy National Occupational Therapy Month to Heather Holland with Encore Rehabilitation-Winfield


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