Ergonomic Training at Shwinco with Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan

Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan was proud to participate in Ergonomic Training recently at Shwinco Architectural Products,  LLC. 

It was our pleasure to help educate the employees of Shwinco of the importance of proper ergonomics to decrease the risk of work place injuries. Ergonomic Training is a critical component used to minimize the risk of work place injures caused by poor technique or unnecessary repetitive movement. This training demonstrates the need for proper body mechanics that target large muscle groups to reduce strain and help maintain a quality lifestyle, whether at work or at home. 

The training was conducted by Encore Rehabilitation Regional Director Jeremy Boswell. Jeremy is pictured here with Shwinco employees: Human Resources Director Heather Tindell, Safety Director Sarah York, and Plant Supervisor Bill Meade.

Shwinco has been designing and building innovative window and door systems since the late 1980s. The hallmark of their products is the unsurpassed structural integrity. The result: superior strength and ease of use. We are glad to have Shwinco in our community!

**Would you like to know more about how Ergonomic Training can prevent injuries with your organization? We are happy to answer all your questions regarding prevention and safety.

Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan
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Dothan, Alabama 36303
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