How to Eat Well and Fit in Exercise During the Holidays.

As a part of our business, we also encourage our patients to eat and exercise well. This article advice is a guideline to help you be able to continue a healthy diet during the stress and the never ending line of food over the holidays.

What causes our eating habits to deteriorate during the Holidays?

  • Stress.
  • Exhaustion. When people are tired, they are more likely to overeat.
  • Emotional eating. Some people use food to soothe sadness, anxiety, dissatisfaction, or loss.
  • Some simply use any celebration as an excuse to overindulge. Comfort and nostalgia play roles, as well.

Let’s Focus on what you can do.

Look for solutions instead of obstacles. Plan ahead; be smart and creative, so that you can enjoy the holidays without wrecking your health. Understand your strengths and weaknesses so that you can determine the triggers that cause you to skip your exercise sessions. Everyone talks about the holiday weight gain.  Try not to think like that. Think about being with family and friends while eating in a healthy manner and maintaining a fitness routine.

Use your time management skills.

  • You do not have to attend every party.  Pick and choose the parties that are important to you.
  •  It is important to learn how to say no. The pressure to give in can be great; we don’t want to put a damper on the merrymaking or disappoint loved ones.
  •  You also do not have to cook every single dish for a dinner that you are hosting.  Have each guest bring something-a side dish or a dessert.
  •  Adults do not need to exchange gifts-pick a name out of a hat and buy one gift.

How will you handle all the food at the parties?

  •  Plan in advance.  Drink a couple glasses of water and have a light snack before you go to a party so that you will not be ravenous which leads to poor food selection. Hunger can undo the best intentions.
  •  If you’re traveling for the holidays, pick up some healthy, portable snacks at the grocery store before you leave so you’re less likely to be tempted by unhealthy options.
  •  Be aware. Be conscious of what you eat and how much. Avoid sources of temptation whenever you can. Try to focus in on some healthier options when you are at that office holiday party.
  •  Bring a veggie platter so that you know there will be something healthy to eat.
  • Small portion sizes and no seconds
  •  Alternate your alcohol with a glass of water. Drink a lot of water before the party. The alcohol served at many social events can also destroy our resolve to eat in moderation.
  • Walk around the buffet table first.  Be a food snob.  A large percentage of the food on the buffet table is really not that delicious.

How can I fit in fitness?

  •  Schedule fitness into your day.  Don’t let a busy schedule get in the way of your exercise program. You need to exercise over the next few months more than ever. There is always an excuse not to exercise.
  •  Exercise first thing in the morning when you have more energy.  It will also reduce stress, which will help you to control your food intake.
  •  You can break up exercise into several 10-minute exercise sessions.
  •  Walk at lunchtime.
  •  Save time by using HIIT.
  •  Think about which exercises you like to do and you will be more likely to do them.
  •  Book a trip for January or February, which will motivate you to exercise in order to look good at the beach.
  •  Find an exercise buddy for companionship.

Hire a Personal Trainer for accountability, varied routines, safety, result, and fun.

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