Ruben Trimm

Two army veterans, the Dixie Outlaws, and the Fayette Clinic.


We have had many wonderful stories derive from our clinics, but this one was special. Ruben Trimm and Lance Westbrook were both receiving therapy for their shoulders at our Fayette Clinic when they discovered they had more than just therapy in common. Both men have served our country in the military- Ruben is a Navy WWII Veteran, born in 1928, and Lance is an Army Veteran, born in 1982. During their therapy sessions, they would often exchanged old military stories, as well as daily life stories.

Lance is involved in the Dixie Outlaw Organization in Fayette and wanted to know if Ruben had a flag flying in his yard. When he found out that Ruben didn’t have a flag, he and his organization decided to show their thanks by putting up an American flag in his yard. This was the first flag pole the Dixie Outlaws had installed and they did a wonderful job. They not only cemented the pole in the ground and raised his flag in pride, but also carried Ruben a stockpile of items to show their appreciation for his many years of service in the Navy. It has been an honor to watch these two veterans build a life long relationship while improving shoulders at Fayette Clinic.