Happy Better Hearing and Speech Month to Encore Rehabilitation Speech-Language Pathologist Gay

Happy Better Hearing & Speech Month!

Gay, one of our wonderful Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists, tells us why she loves her job!

“I love being a Speech-Language Pathologist for the diversity our profession provides. I love being able to work in both the pediatric and geriatric populations with issues from feeding difficulties; language and articulation delays; use of AAC devices for pragmatic and social skills, as well as swallowing issues following strokes or other neurological issues, memory, and cognitive-linguistic tasks. Each patient we work with brings challenges, yet, when we work together with the patient and family, we can provide the best means for communication to swallow safely to meet their needs. I am blessed to be a part of this profession and a part of our team of SLPs.” ~ Gay

Thank you for everything you do, Gay! We are glad to have you in the Encore Rehab family!



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