Dale Lawrence – Happy and Healthy thanks to Encore Rehabilitation- Hamilton

“I had Physical Therapy on my knee for two months before my surgery. Afterwards, I had Physical Therapy for 3 more months. I was very pleased with the Rehab Team working with me at Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton. They are very good at their jobs. I would not be where I am today without their help in my recovery. Yes, some days were painful, but I’m so glad that they kept moving me forward!!” ~~ Dale Lawrence, patient

Thank you for entrusting us to be your Rehab Provider, Mr. Lawrence! You made a great recovery and we are proud to have you as our Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton!

If rehab is in YOUR future, call us! We LOVE to see you move!

Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton
1500 Military Street S, Suite 11
Hamilton, Alabama 35570
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Say hello to Carley Wooten, LPTA, with Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton!

Leona Hulsey has successful rehab with Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton

Davis Smith is Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton


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