“They helped me get back to my normal day-to-day tasks!” ~ Teresa Brodie with Encore Rehabilitation-Athens

 “I have been to Physical Therapy off and on for several years. The first time I had rehab, my doctor sent me to Encore. After that, I have always asked to go back to Encore because of the staff and the therapy I have received. They have helped me get back to my normal day-to-day tasks. They are an awesome team!” ~Teresa Brodie, happy patient

Thank you for choosing Encore, Ms. Brodie, and entrusting us to be your rehab provider!

Encore Rehabilitation-Athens
22423 US Highway 72 East
Athens, AL 35613
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Raye-Anne Swift, ATC, with Encore Rehabilitation-Athens

JJ Jones is Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Athens

New Clinic Director Shearon Craig with Encore Rehabilitation-Athens!

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