Danny Thornburg – “I feel much better now! – with #EncoreRehab Columbiana

“A pain in my neck kept me from doing activities that I once enjoyed. It was hard even to turn my head around to look behind me while backing my vehicle. A friend recommended I come to Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana for rehab. He had been to Encore for back pain and was pleased with his care, so I decided to come to Encore, too. I feel much better now.”~ Danny Thornburg, happy patient

We are very pleased that Mr. Thornburg completed his rehab successfully! He is not only back to enjoying his regular activities but has also improved his range of motion and experiences very little to no pain. We are proud to select him as our Patient of the Month at Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana!

Thank you for choosing Encore, Mr. Thornburg! We LOVE to see you move!

Do you know a friend in pain? We are here to help! We specialize in pain relief and management!

Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana
101 West College Street, Suite 100
Columbiana, Alabama 35051


Don Collum – Wonderful Therapists at Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana

“I no longer feel like I may fall!” – Peggy Cannady and Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana

“I feel great!” – Shawn Decker, Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana

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