Ms. Boatwright “Forever grateful” for her care at Encore Rehabilitation-Foley

“I had a severe break and torn ligaments that resulted in surgery. Recovery required Physical Therapy, and my doctor requested I use Encore Rehabilitation-Foley. I totally understand why! The staff and therapists at Encore are amazing! I don’t feel I would have recovered as well had I gone somewhere else. They were very encouraging and supportive throughout this process. If I ever require Physical Therapy in the future, I will use Encore in Foley. I’m forever grateful for everything they did for me.”~Shannon Boatwright, happy and healthy in Foley!

Thank you, Ms. Boatwright, for entrusting Encore with your care! We LOVE to see you move! We are pleased to select you as Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Foley!

Encore Rehabilitation-Foley
1711 N. McKenzie Street, Suite 200
Foley, Alabama 36535


Caitlin Darnell is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan East

Encore Rehabilitation Food Drive to benefit The Neighborhood Christian Center


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