Karen Merkle

PT Tip of the Week

“Does your child get back pain from wearing a backpack? The backpack should not weigh any more than 15% of the child’s body weight. Other things that will help: wear the backpack over both shoulders, and make sure the straps are tight enough so the pack doesn’t ride below the hips.”

Long Beach Patient of the Month, Kirby Barkley.

Kirby Barkley

Congratulations to Kirby Barkley for being chosen as the Long Beach Clinic Patient of the Month! Kirby is a teacher’s assistant for the special education department at Quarles Elementary School. He came to Encore after he tore his ACL a couple months ago and has been in rehab at for 3 months now. Kirby enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, basketball, and paddle-boarding.

When asked why he chose Encore for his physical therapy provider he said, “Everyone I asked said Karen Merkle was the best PT there has ever been. I want to get back to 110%.” Kirby is making great progress in his therapy and will be 110% in no time!