Factors that affect Balance

Vestibular What flier[1]

As we celebrate Day 2 of Balance Awareness Week, we want to highlight some of the factors that can affect your balance.

First, your brain must process the sensory information it receives from your body. If you have dealt with a neurological such as a stroke, concussion, or Parkinson’s disease, your ability to process the information may be impaired. The brain receives this information from visual input (what you are seeing), somatosensory input (what you are feeling and sensing in your environemt), and vestibular input (motion, equilibrium and spatial orientation).

On this poster, we have provided you with more information on what the vestibular system does.


At Ocean Springs Neurological Vestibular Rehabilitation, we have two clinically certified vestibular therapists who would love to get you moving again!
Call or come by our offices for more information!


Encore Rehabilitation at Ocean Springs Neurological Vestibular Rehabilitation
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Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39564

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