Bruce Light is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Arab

Bruce Light is Patient of the Month for #EncoreRehab Arab

“In September, 2020, while riding my motorcycle, I was hit by an individual that ran a stop sign. The accident broke my back and ruptured my spinal cord sac. The right side of my pelvis folded inward. My right foot and hand were broken and I had lacerations to my midsection. I’m fortunate to have lived and not have paralysis. My spinal cord was not injured, but was irritated which caused numbness and swelling in my hip, leg, and foot. I’m learning to walk correctly again as well as strengthening my back, midsection, and legs.

“I chose Encore Rehabilitation-Arab for my care because I had used them previously in 2018. My foot and ankle were injured during my third deployment in Kuwait. Encore gave me good results then and now. I want to say THANKS to the team at Encore Arab: Jessica, Allison, and Brooklyn! I’m getting better and stronger each visit! Thank you, all!” ~ Bruce Light, happy patient

Thank you for choosing us, Mr. Light, and for choosing us again! We are proud to select you as our Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Arab!

Encore Rehabilitation-Arab
1510 N. Brindlee Mountain Parkway
Arab, Alabama 35016
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