Twenty years with Encore Rehab – Thank you, Hazel!

Happy Better Hearing & Speech Month to Hazel!

Hazel is one of our wonderful Pediatric Speech Language Pathologists at Ocean Springs Pediatric Rehab. 

She says, “This year marks TWENTY years with Encore Rehab. I asked my kiddos why they like coming to speech or how I help them.  THIS is why I love my job! I just love their responses!”

Some of the children’s comments include: 

“We love Miss Hazy so much. I make Miss Hazy laugh. We laugh a lot at each other.”

“I come to therapy for speech. Doing speech and talking.”

“You help me with my words and sounds every day.”

“Pop-up Pirate!”

“Because I love to come see you. Can we play Catch the Fox?”

“Cuz I missed you and we do work. We wanna play cards together to match and that’s it.”

“I not know.”

“You always making me say my words. Help me get my words together. Every time I fixin to go, you always give me candy.”

“You my friend. I like you, and your bun in your hair. Help me with flash cards, can do matching, and a lot of stuff.”

“Miss Hazel room! I love you! Play dollhouses?”

Thank you for everything you do, Hazel! We appreciate your dedication to improving the lives of the kids and families in your care. 

Ocean Springs Pediatric Rehab with Encore Rehabilitation
2 Doctors Drive
Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39564
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