Ms. Brewer plays tennis again after Physical Therapy with Encore Rehabilitation-Orange Beach

“I had rotator cuff surgery and am going through Physical Therapy at Encore to rehab my shoulder. This is my second time receiving rehab with Encore, and after the great experience the first time, I knew Encore was where I needed to be for my shoulder rehab.

“I play tennis, and my personal goal was to hit the tennis ball again by month six, but because of the excellent rehab by Tina and Shay, I achieved that goal early by almost two months! I would highly recommend Encore Rehabilitation-Orange Beach to anyone needing Physical Therapy!” ~ Teri Brewer, happy tennis player

Thank you for choosing Encore Rehabilitation-Orange Beach, Ms. Brewer! We are proud to have you as our Patient of the Month and hope you have a fantastic tennis season!

Encore Rehabilitation – Orange Beach
4528 Easy Street, Suite A
Orange Beach, Alabama 36561


Allen McElroy – “I highly recommend Encore Rehabilitation-Orange Beach”

“I would recommend Encore to anyone!”~Ms. LeTourneau with Encore Rehabilitation-Orange Beach

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