Jannie Isom – “Back to Enjoying Life” with Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan East

Jannie Isom Photo Dothan East Revised

After shoulder surgery, Jannie Isom chose Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan East to be her Physical Therapy provider. Ms. Isom says, “I enjoyed Encore Rehab because they were very friendly and kind. They were just like another family! Physical Therapy has helped me get back to living and enjoying life!

Congratulations, Ms. Isom, on your successful rehab! Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan East is proud to select you as our Patient of the Month!

If Rehab is in your future, choose Encore! We help people every day feel better and we welcome the opportunity to help you, too! Rehab is now offered in our clinic, in your home, and with televisits. We LOVE to see you move!

Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan East
1811 East Main Street, Suite 1
Dothan, AL 36301
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Annah Whitehurst is Athlete of theMonth for Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan East

Hello from Haley at Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan East

Mike Jones – Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Decatur

Mike Jone is Patient of the Month for #EncoreRehab Decatur

Congratulations to Mike Jones, Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Decatur!

Mr. Jones came to Encore Rehabilitation for Physical Therapy following a shoulder surgery. He has made excellent progress and is back to doing the things he loves!

We wish you all the best, Mr. Jones! Thank you for choosing, Encore Rehabilitation to be your rehab provider! We LOVE to see you move!

Encore Rehabilitation-Decatur
2506 B Danville Road, Suite 200
Decatur, Alabama 35603
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Occupational Therapist Dolores Kisbey-Green becomes Certified Hand Therapist!

Alyssa Brooks is Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Decatur

Encore Rehabilitation hosts the UAB DPT Class of 2020

Shelia Burnett is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Clanton

Shelia Burnett is Patient of the Month for #EncoreRehab Clanton
Congratulations to Sheila Burnett,  Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Clanton!
“Ms. Burnett came to Encore for therapy for bilateral frozen shoulders. After four weeks of Physical Therapy, she’s able to do many activities around the house and sleep in her bed again with no shoulder pain! She is very diligent with her exercises at home, which has had a positive impact on her rehab! We are proud of Ms. Burnett and wish her the best!” ~ Taylor Phillips, Clinic Director and Physical Therapist
Thank you for entrusting us to be your rehab provider, Ms. Burnett!  We LOVE to see you move!
Encore Rehabilitation-Clanton
674 Ollie Avenue
Clanton, Alabama 35045
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Cheri O’Bryant – “Great Experience!” with Encore Rehabilitation-Lucedale

Cheri OBryant Photo Lucedale

Cheri O’Bryant needed to improve the strength and movement in her shoulder. She chose Encore Rehabilitation-Lucedale to be her Rehab Provider. Her treatment included exercises, massage, and cupping. She has greatly improved her movement and is doing well with her rehab. Ms. O’Bryant says, ” I had a great experience!”

We are proud of all your hard work and progress, Ms. O’Bryant! Thank you for choosing Encore!

Ms. O’Bryant is shown here receiving a cupping treatment.

Encore Rehabilitation-Lucedale
2210-B Mill Street
Lucedale, Mississippi 39452
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Franklin Hodges – Encore Rehabilitation is the best!

Encore Rehabilitation Recruiting Attends SEATA-Southeast Athletic Trainer Association 2020 Education Summit

Cindy Steven-Pheal is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Oak Grove

CindySteven-Pheal is Patient of the Month for #EncoreRehab Oak Grove

Congratulations to Cindy Steven-Pheal, Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Oak Grove!

Ms. Cindy is a Oak Grove Middle School Excel teacher who chose Encore to be her rehab provider for her shoulder injury.  During her treatment, she was very compliant and came to therapy with 150% effort! Her persistence and dedication were key to her successful rehabilitation!
We will miss you, Miss Cindy!
Encore Rehabilitation-Oak Grove
5266 Old Highway 11, Suite 130
Hattiesburg, Mississippi 39402
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Dean Doudna-Shoulder Success with Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise

Dean Doudna is Patient of the Month for #EncoreRehab Enterprise

I fell off a ladder while trimming a tree on my property. Before the fall, my shoulder was already arthritic and my rotator cuff was showing signs of wear and needing repair. Add the fall, and the inevitable decision become clear that a reverse total shoulder replacement was necessary. That replacement happened in December. Dr. Brooks did a phenomenal job with the surgery. A week later, I began rehab in earnest. It was now my turn to rise to the challenge of rehab. I learned that it was critical that I correctly articulate my arm to produce the desired result. I had no idea how to do that successfully, nor did I know how to construct stretching movements followed by meaningful repetitions of careful crafted exercises designed to focus on the muscle group disturbed during the surgery. Dr. Brooks referred me to Encore Rehabilitation, Inc. so that an exercise routine could be created and applied to the affected limb. It was important that the developed set of exercises properly rehab the muscle group surrounding my shoulder, but just as important was the application and employment of those exercises at home. If the designed exercises were too complicated when developed, then would the exercises be done at home?

Upon admittance, I was seen by (Physical Therapist and Clinic Director) Randy Riley. Randy looked over my surgical procedure and developed a plan to return my right shoulder and muscle group to proper use. Todd followed Randy’s plan as he daily worked with me developing additional exercises and watching my performance of each exercise very closely for correct articulation, all while quickly correcting any incorrect articulation so that I did not develop an exercise behavior counter to the desired outcome. Their insistence on articulating my arm and shoulder correctly has not only greatly benefited by rehabilitation, but has established behaviors that will ensure that a long term success would be realized.

After each day’s rehab, Denise would ice my shoulder and attach an e-stim unit. Like her professional counterparts, Denise wonderfully tended that task, all while personalizing the process. She was kind when accessing the shoulder and helped with suggestions that would also aid my rehabilitation. She was the last person that I saw in the rehab process and she represented the efforts of the team exceptionally well. 

The administrative personnel likewise masterfully represented Encore by ensuring that my appointments were scheduled and sometimes moved to meet my hectic schedule. Their efforts cannot be understated. 

To the entire team, I wish to extend a hearty well done and a heartfelt thank you in the teams’ effort to right the wrong that I had done to my body as a result of the fall. Thank you all so very much.” ~ Dean Doudna, patient, Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise.

Thank you, Mr. Doudna, for choosing Encore Rehabilitation to be your rehab provider!  Congratulations on being selected Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise!

Mr. Doudna is shown here with Physical Therapist Assistant Todd Diefenderfer.

Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise 
404 North Main Street 
Enterprise, Alabama 36330 
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Kayleigh Adkins – “Doing Better” after Rehab with Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise

Ethan Stinson – Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise

Carol Coan -“Amazing recovery” with Encore Rehabilitation-Moulton

Carol Coan Photo Moulton Revised

The day after my rotator cuff surgery, I never thought I would use my arm again. With Mallory and Brett’s help, I have accomplished the most amazing recovery to this point. Mallory and Brett are the BEST. They have patience with you and encourage you. They been have a shoulder to cry o when you need to. I’ve learned to love these two as my own children and I’m going to miss coming to rehab. Thank you so much!” ~ Carol Coan, patient

Thank you, Ms. Coan, for choosing Encore Rehabilitation-Moulton to be your Physical Therapy Provider! You have made tremendous progress! We are proud to select you as  our Patient of the Month!

Ms. Coan is pictured here with Brett Ferguson, Encore Rehabilitation Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant.

Encore Rehabilitation-Moulton
15014 Court Street
Moulton, Alabama 35650
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Sam LeMaster- “Encore has Helped me Tremendously”

Sam LeMaster chose Encore Rehabilitation-Muscle Shoals for rehab after surgeries on his shoulders and knee #EncoreRehab

After surgeries on his shoulders and knee, Sam LeMaster needed Physical Therapy. He chose Encore Rehabilitation-Muscle Shoals to be his rehab provider. He says, “Encore has helped me tremendously. I came to Encore because I was familiar with Encore from other people’s experiences.

Encore Rehabilitation-Muscle Shoals is proud to have Mr. LeMaster as our Patient of the Month! 

Encore Rehabilitation-Muscle Shoals
2515 East Avalon Avenue
Muscle Shoals, Alabama 35661
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Ethan Corum-Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Muscle Shoals

Now Hiring – Administrative Assistant in Decatur, Alabama

Now Hiring in Haleyville, Alabama

Larry Cade -Getting Better Every Day!

Willie Henry – Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette

Willie Henry is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette #EncoreRehab

After a rotator cuff tear in his shoulder, Willie Henry came to Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette for rehabilitation. Mr. Henry says, “Encore is close to my home. The staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They get you back on your feet in no time!”

Thank you, Mr. Henry, for choosing Encore to be your rehab provider! We are happy to select Mr. Henry as the Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette!

Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette
1793 North Temple Avenue
Fayette, Alabama 35555
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Landon Lowe – Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette

Jeremy Gallups – Feeling Like a Brand New Man!

Darrell Kimbrell – Learning to Walk Again!

Kaylee Forbus – Stronger Shoulder Leads to New Gymnastic Skills

Kaylee Forbus Photo Clanton Revised

Say hello to Kaylee Forbus, Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Clanton! 

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kaylee to help strengthen her shoulders. She worked so hard during our sessions and was willing to try anything the other clinicians and I would think of to add to her exercises. We had so much fun together and all of the activities and exercises we did were applicable to her gymnastics. At the end of her sessions (which we were both sad to come to an end), her upper body strength had improved and she was able to perform skills she had not been able to do before coming to our clinic.” ~Brenda Davis, LPTA
Kaylee is a Freshman at Chilton County High School. She enjoys gymnastics, playing with her younger sister, and watching The Bachelorette. She plans to pursue a medical degree in college.
We wish you the best, Kaylee! We are very proud of you!
Encore Rehabilitation-Clanton
674 Ollie Avenue
Clanton, Alabama 35045
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