Persian Gulf War Veteran

Fayette Patient of the Month, Will Henry.


We have chosen Will Henry as the Fayette Clinic Patient of the Month, and for a good reason at that! Will is a 45 year old, Persian Gulf War Veteran who started having problems with his back while on active duty in 1990. After the war, while mowing his lawn one day, he felt a sharp pain in the lower-middle part of his back. A few minutes after that he lost all feeling and use of his lower half. He was immediately rushed to a local hospital where he had a CT scan that revealed a “Thoracic Herniation.” Will found out that he had herniated his T-10 and it had compressed and displaced his spinal cord to the right. After being rushed to UAB in an ambulance, he underwent emergency surgery, laminectomy with a bone graft, spinal cord decompression, T9-Tll spinal fusion and a series of evaluations. He spent 5 days in ICU and another 5 days in the Orthopedic Recovery unit trying to regain feeling in his legs. After that, he was admitted to the Tuscaloosa VA Medical Center Rehabilitation Wing where he spent 27 days learning how to walk all over again. Will started outpatient therapy with us on November 24, 2014 and is still receiving therapy today. “The therapist/staff have been wonderful and they have aided my recovery efforts greatly.” 

Will is now making great progress with his therapy and will be back in 110% in no time! Thank you for serving our country!!