Hayden Clinic and SportsFit helping in a local athlete’s battle against cancer.

Jadon Neely Jadon Neely 1 Jadon Neely 2

Hayden High School’s multi-sport athlete, Jadon Neely, is only 15 years old and is in a serious battle with cancer. His prognosis at this time is not that great, and he has already lost an arm to the cancer.

So what is Encore going to do about it?  For the month of August we will donate $5 from every new membership sold. Our SportsFit members, will be able to run on the decorated cardio equipment and for every mile logged on those machines we will donate $0.25 to helping Jadon! We are also taking donations for the family as well~ We want you to get to know Jadon too, so here is his story:

“Jadon Neely is fifteen years old and attends Hayden High School in Hayden, Alabama where he plays football and basketball, his two favorite sports. Late February of 2015, he began complaining about his arm pain. In March, his pediatrician thought the pain was due to an overuse injury and sent him to physical therapy. After attending therapy nearly six weeks, Jadon broke his right arm and was taken to the local urgent care where the images showed an abnormal break in his humerus. They casted his arm and sent him to do an MRI the next morning that confirmed the suspicion of a tumor in his bone that was replacing his bone marrow. He was referred to an orthopedic specialist who began a series of testing including biopsy. On May 29th, he was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and was then was referred to an oncologist to begin chemotherapy. In spite of the best chemo that is offered for this disease, Jadon’s tumor continued to grow. When first diagnosed, it was roughly the size of a quarter- within eight weeks it was the size of a softball. He was given three options, the very best wasamputating his right arm in order to save his life. On July 29th, Jadon’s arm was removed from his shoulder. He was able to keep his clavicle and scapula and his shoulder muscles. He still has five more months of second line defense chemo, as well as, lung surgery to remove a spot. Jadon begins occupational therapy right away, then proceeds with physical and recreational therapy. Jadon’s prognosis for survival is low in the medical world, due to his response to front line defense chemo; however, he isn’t moved by a prognosis, but is moved by the promises of A Great Big God.”

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