Chinese Medical Professionals visit Encore Rehabilitation Facilities-Part 2

Encore Rehabilitation hosts tour group from China (2)

Chinese Medical Professionals tour Encore Rehabilitation-Hartselle, March 21, 2018.**

Encore Rehabilitation facilities were recently visited by medical professionals from China. China’s population is increasing and living longer which is creating a need for expanding rehabilitative care. “Western Medicine practices” such as Physical Therapy are in more of a demand. The group was touring Encore Rehabilitation clinics to learn more about the Physical Therapy profession.

One of the stops on their tour was Encore Rehabilitation-Hartselle, Alabama. The Hartselle clinic is now operating in their new clinic on Highway 31 and Mynatt Street. Services in Hartselle include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Industrial Rehab, including FCEs (Functional Capacity Evaluations). Hartselle also offers a Pediatric Rehab program called Kids in Motion.  This program specializes in the management of Autism Spectrum Disorders and offers services to assist children with behavior development, neurological conditions, and physical conditions.

Visitors enjoyed the tour and also an explanation of Dry Needling. Dry Needling is a skilled intervention that uses thin monofilament needles to penetrate the muscle and help decrease pain and spasms. Dry Needling is especially helpful in pain management. While the Chinese visitors are very familiar with acupressure, dry needling was a physical therapy procedure that was less common to them.

Read more about their visit to Encore Rehabilitation-Hartselle, here as reported by Cliff Knight of the Hartselle Enquirer. **Article and photo used by permission of the Hartselle Enquirer.

Part 2 of a 5 part series.

Encore Rehabilitation-Hartselle
615 Mynatt Street, SW, Suite A
Hartselle, Alabama 35640
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Article: Dry Needling: What is it and How does it work? can be read here.

Dry Needling Testimonial: Brooke Thomas, “I feel like a new person!”



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