Dean Doudna-Shoulder Success with Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise

Dean Doudna is Patient of the Month for #EncoreRehab Enterprise

I fell off a ladder while trimming a tree on my property. Before the fall, my shoulder was already arthritic and my rotator cuff was showing signs of wear and needing repair. Add the fall, and the inevitable decision become clear that a reverse total shoulder replacement was necessary. That replacement happened in December. Dr. Brooks did a phenomenal job with the surgery. A week later, I began rehab in earnest. It was now my turn to rise to the challenge of rehab. I learned that it was critical that I correctly articulate my arm to produce the desired result. I had no idea how to do that successfully, nor did I know how to construct stretching movements followed by meaningful repetitions of careful crafted exercises designed to focus on the muscle group disturbed during the surgery. Dr. Brooks referred me to Encore Rehabilitation, Inc. so that an exercise routine could be created and applied to the affected limb. It was important that the developed set of exercises properly rehab the muscle group surrounding my shoulder, but just as important was the application and employment of those exercises at home. If the designed exercises were too complicated when developed, then would the exercises be done at home?

Upon admittance, I was seen by (Physical Therapist and Clinic Director) Randy Riley. Randy looked over my surgical procedure and developed a plan to return my right shoulder and muscle group to proper use. Todd followed Randy’s plan as he daily worked with me developing additional exercises and watching my performance of each exercise very closely for correct articulation, all while quickly correcting any incorrect articulation so that I did not develop an exercise behavior counter to the desired outcome. Their insistence on articulating my arm and shoulder correctly has not only greatly benefited by rehabilitation, but has established behaviors that will ensure that a long term success would be realized.

After each day’s rehab, Denise would ice my shoulder and attach an e-stim unit. Like her professional counterparts, Denise wonderfully tended that task, all while personalizing the process. She was kind when accessing the shoulder and helped with suggestions that would also aid my rehabilitation. She was the last person that I saw in the rehab process and she represented the efforts of the team exceptionally well. 

The administrative personnel likewise masterfully represented Encore by ensuring that my appointments were scheduled and sometimes moved to meet my hectic schedule. Their efforts cannot be understated. 

To the entire team, I wish to extend a hearty well done and a heartfelt thank you in the teams’ effort to right the wrong that I had done to my body as a result of the fall. Thank you all so very much.” ~ Dean Doudna, patient, Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise.

Thank you, Mr. Doudna, for choosing Encore Rehabilitation to be your rehab provider!  Congratulations on being selected Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise!

Mr. Doudna is shown here with Physical Therapist Assistant Todd Diefenderfer.

Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise 
404 North Main Street 
Enterprise, Alabama 36330 
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