Kayleigh Adkins – “Doing Better” after Rehab with Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise

Christian Carpenter, LPTA, left, with Patient of the Month Kayleigh Adkins #EncoreRehab

I had a sports injury and tore my meniscus and was on crutches. Now I am off the crutches and doing soooo much better!” ~ Kayleigh Adkins, patient

We are very proud of Kayleigh and the progress she has made! We are happy to announce her as our Patient of the Month at Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise!

Shown here are Kayleigh Adkins, right, with Encore Rehabilitation Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant Christian Carpenter.

Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise
404 North Main Street
Enterprise, Alabama 36330
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Ethan Stinson – Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise

Esther Paine is the Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise

Ribbon Cutting – Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise


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