“What’s in my bag” Encore ATC edition.

Almost everyone has heard about the Us Weekly “Whats in my bag” survey they give to the celebs every month. We thought it would be fun to ask a few of our ATCs what all they carried in their bags. Knowing we would get a few funny answers, we decided to share them with you, and here are a few of our favorites answers!

Do you carry a bag or fanny pack? 

We got anything from sling pack, to messenger bags, to rolling (splint) kits.

What brand is your bag/fp? 

Muller, Cramer, MedPac, Medco, Alert Service, and our favorite… The Bushwalker.

Do you ever carry food/drinks with you?

Gum and mints (we all need them sometimes), BBQ Sunflower seeds (exclusively said from the softball/baseball ATCs), peppermint, 20oz Diet Coke, peanut butter crackers (more protein), and Mt. Dew.

Ever found anything you forgot you had in your bag?

Candy that students give out, earrings, tampons, and Fungo athletes foot spray.

Name one, or a few things, others wouldn’t expect you to carry with you. 

Battery powered drill, 6 foot water hose, Benchmade rescue hook cutter, “female products” (very smart), tiger tail, helmet face-mask removal, scalpel, hemorrhoid cream, razor, chapstick, hairspray, sewing kit, and the news paper (why not?).

After reading all of the answers that were submitted, we have decided that ATCs are like the Marry Poppins of the sport’s world, and we don’t know what we would do without them!

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