Say Hello to East Lake Physical Therapy!

East Lake Physical Therapy is proud to introduce you to our staff! 

Physical Therapists and Staff working with patients and athletes in the gym area of East Lake Physical Therapy

East Lake Physical Therapy – Vancleave, Mississippi


Young lady in mulberry scrubs smiling, posing with a cart holding rehab equipment

April – Rehab Tech at East Lake


Bearded young male Physical Therapist in navy polo shirt smiling

Jonathan, Physical Therapist


Woman smiling as she sits at a desk in an office

Lynn, Clerical Staff

Male Athletic Trainer smiling in royal blue polo shirt

Mark, Athletic Trainer


Female Physical Therapist Assistant with glasses and navy polo shirt smiling

Kay, Physical Therapist Assistant

Man with glasses wearing mulberry scrubs smiling while standing next to diagnostic rehab equipment

John, Rehab Technician


Lady in flowered shirt and glasses smiling while sitting at a desk in an office

Nancy, Clerical Staff


Man with short dark hair wearing white polo smiling

Shawn, Athletic Trainer


Female Physical Therapist performing shoulder exercises with young lady lying on rehab treatment table

Erin, Physical Therapist


Male Physical Therapist in white long-sleeve dress shirt sitting at a desk smiling

Clinical Director Brandon Cloud, Physical Therapist

If rehab is in your future, please contact us!

East Lake Physical Therapy
6300 East Lake Boulvevard, Suite 101
Vancleave, Mississippi 39565
Connect with East Lake Physical Therapy on Facebook here


Headache Relief: “I feel like a new person!”

Physical Therapy instead of Surgery

Encore Sports Medicine Symposium, July 13-15, 2018 – Continuing Ed Opportunity


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