Tina Johnson found Caring and Encouragement at Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan

Tina Johnson is Occupational Therapy Patient of the Month for #EncoreRehab Dothan

Say hello to Ms. Tina Johnson, Occupational Therapy Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan!

Ms. Tina experienced an injury to her wrist and elbow after a fall at her home in April. About a month after surgery, her doctor recommended therapy for continued treatment and she chose Encore Rehabilitation.

Ms. Tina says, “I have been a patient at Encore previously and got excellent care. After I was told I was ready for physical therapy and was asked my selection of places, I once again chose Encore. I worked with Mary (Occupational Therapist) and she was such a blessing. She is so kind, so encouraging, and so knowledgeable and so professional but with so much warmth and concern. Each session, there was positive encouragement and results. I am impressed and blessed by the awesome, loving care I have received at Encore now and in the past few years. There is nothing more rewarding when you are hurt and feeling desperate than to have people show love, concern, caring, and to give the gift of restoring quality of life back. I am blessed.

Thank you, Ms. Tina, for choosing Encore! We are proud to select you as Occupational Therapy Patient of the Month!

If Occupational Therapy is in your future, call Encore! Our experienced rehab team is following safety precautions to make your rehabilitation both safe AND successful!

Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan
345 Healthwest Drive
Dothan, Alabama 36303
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