Cecil Skinner has successful knee rehab at Encore Rehabilitation-Hayden

We are very proud of Mr. Cecil Skinner! After a total knee replacement, Mr. Skinner chose Encore Rehabilitation-Hayden to be his rehab provider. He was fully committed to his physical therapy program and passed through with flying colors!    

Congratulations on your successful rehab, Mr. Skinner! Thank you for choosing Encore!

Mr. Skinner is pictured here with his Physical Therapist, Emily LaRue.

Encore Rehabilitation-Hayden
1387 State Highway 160
Warrior, Alabama 35180
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Laura Morgan -Pain Free and Moving Again with Encore Rehabilitation-Hayden

Ricky Vest is Winner at Encore Rehabilitation-Hayden

Collecting “Toys for Tots” at Encore Rehabilitation-Hayden


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