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Occupational Therapist Dolores Kisbey-Green becomes Certified Hand Therapist!


Encore Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist Dolores Kisby-Green has earned her Certified Hand Therapy certificate.Congratulations to Encore Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist Dolores Kisbey-Green on her recent achievement of becoming a Certified Hand Therapist!

We are proud to have Dolores as part of our Rehab Team at Encore Rehabilitation – Decatur​ and are excited for the future of our Occupational Therapy patients!

Encore Rehabilitation-Decatur
2506 B Danville Road, Suite 200
Decatur, Alabama 35603
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Meet Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist Krystal Lytle!

Welcome to Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist Krystal Lytle with #EncoreRehab Tillman's Corner and West Mobile

Encore Rehabilitation would like you to meet Occupational Therapist and Certified Hand Therapist Krystal Lytle!

Krystal received her Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy from The University of South Alabama. She also received her Bachelors from the University of South Alabama in Preprofessional Health Sciences.  She is has a certification in Dry Needling granted by The Spinal Manipulation Institute.

Krystal has an extensive background of working with neuromusculoskeletal upper extremity patients. She  and has earned and is recognized by the Hand Therapy Certification Commission as a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT).

Krystal is currently accepting new patients at Encore Rehabilitation-Tillman’s Corner and the newly opened Encore Rehabilitation-West Mobile clinics.

We are excited to have Krystal and her expertise at Encore! 

Encore Rehabilitation-Tillman’s Corner
5643 Sermon Road South
Theodore, Alabama 36582
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Encore Rehabilitation-West Mobile
1059 Snow Road, South #B
Mobile, Alabama 36695
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Encore Rehabilitation-West Mobile is now open!

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Encore Rehabilitation-Tillman’s Corner Clinic Director Jack Dockery, PT, DPT, Cert. DN

Meet Occupational Therapist Whitney Walker!

Whitney Walker is an Occupational Therapist at #EncoreRehab at Stone County Hospital Outpatient Rehab Clinic

Encore Rehabilitation at Stone County Hospital Outpatient Rehab Clinic would like you to meet Occupational Therapist Whitney Walker!

Whitney began her professional career as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. She then obtained a Master’s in Occupational Therapy from Belmont University to become an Occupational Therapist. Whitney has provided rehabilitation at Stone County Hospital and it’s adjoining/sister facilities for over 14 years. She has been a practicing Clinician with Encore Rehabilitation for over five years.

Whitney’s caring extends beyond her patients to her family and friends. Whitney and her husband, Cody, have three children.

We appreciate Whitney’s dedication to her patients and the community. We are very proud to have you on the Encore Rehabilitation Team, Whitney!

Stone County Hospital Outpatient Rehab Clinic with Encore Rehabilitation
1440 East Central Avenue
Wiggins, Mississippi 39577
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Meet Occupational Therapist Heather Breedlove with Encore Rehabilitation-Athens and Hartselle

Occupational Therapist Heather Breedlove working with a patient at Encore Rehabilitation-Athens #EncoreRehab

Encore Rehabilitation Athens and Hartselle would like to introduce you to Heather Breedlove, OTR, Cert. DN!

Heather obtained her Occupational Therapy degree from The University of Alabama in Birmingham. She has been a practicing clinician for 22 years and has been with Encore Rehabilitation for 12 years. Heather is the Assistant Clinical Director at Encore Rehabilitation-Athens. She currently practices in Athens and Hartselle treating a variety of orthopedic injuries and diagnoses and neurological disorders, as well as performing ergonomic assessments and screens for industries, both onsite and in the clinic. Heather’s Certification in Dry Needling is for the upper extremity.

In her free time, Heather enjoys spending time with her family and participating in activities with her church.

Thank you for all you do for our patients and the community, Heather! 

Encore Rehabilitation-Athens
22423 US Highway 72 East
Suite B
Athens, Alabama 35613
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Encore Rehabilitation-Hartselle
615 Mynatt Street, SW, Suite A
Hartselle, Alabama 35640
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How Occupational Therapy Can Help Relieve Rheumatoid Arthritis


There are many people who struggle with Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Here is an excerpt from the article, “10 Simple Adjustments to Relieve RA Hand Pain”, that could help you resume your daily activities that RA was keeping you from.

How an Occupational Therapist Can Help –

“According to an analysis of numerous research studies published by the Cochrane Collaboration, there’s a lot of evidence that working with an occupational therapist when you have RA can help you use your hands for everyday tasks more efficiently and with less pain. The occupational therapist’s goal is to ensure that you can participate in any activity you want while still protecting your joints and getting hand pain relief.

For starters, an occupational therapist teaches people with RA about disease self-management, Dodge says – offering instruction on joint protection techniques, how to use assistive devices, how to conserve your energy, and exercises that will help you do activities with less pain.  [They] may also explain how to use heat and cold as part of your pain management strategy.

The occupational therapist can also show you how to modify specific activities so you can still do them. For example, if you’re a woman who enjoys knitting, an occupational therapist can provide suggestions for adaptive equipment and offer techniques that allow you to enjoy your hobby more safely.”

10 Tips to Try Now

If you need hand pain relief from RA, use these suggestions from Dodge and Amini to modify activities to make them less painful:

  1. Build up handles on utensils and tools so that less force is needed to hold them while performing tasks. Pipe insulation is handy for enlarging handles.
  2. If you’re unable to lift a gallon of milk with one or both hands, buy half gallons or have someone pour half into a small pitcher.
  3. Rather than carrying bags in your hand, place straps over your forearm or shoulder. Rolling bags alleviate the need to lift and carry them.
  4. Use both hands when lifting objects, and keep your forearms close to your body.
  5. When possible, use your palms to grasp objects rather than your fingertips. Replace standard door knobs with door levers.
  6. Wear rubber gloves to enhance your grip when opening jars.
  7. Use electric appliances when possible.
  8. Use your entire body to move heavy objects rather than pushing with your hand, such as when opening a door.
  9. Use a rolling cart to move items around the house.
  10. Purchase pots and pans with two handles and slide them over surfaces instead of lifting them. Silicone sheets can be placed on delicate counter surfaces to protect them from hot pots.

**To read the entire article from Everyday Health, click here!

Encore Rehabilitation Locations offering Occupational Therapy:

Encore Rehabilitation-Athens  256-232-1221
Encore Rehabilitation-Bay Minette   251-239-5395
Encore Rehabilitation-Bessemer West    205-481-7125
Encore Rehabilitation-Cullman   256-775-3737
Encore Rehabilitation-Decatur   256-350-6331
Encore Rehabilitation-Foley   251-270-2505
Encore Rehabilitation-Haleyville   205-486-2753
Encore Rehabilitation-Hartselle   256-773-0138
Encore Rehabilitation-Hoover   205-682-7650
Encore Rehabilitation-Inverness   205-408-4123
Encore Rehabilitation-Jackson   251-246-1214
Encore Rehabilitation-Mobile I65   251-459-8402
Encore Rehabilitation-Mobile Providence   251-634-2214
Encore Rehabilitation-Saraland   251-675-3933
Encore Rehabilitation-Spanish Fort   251-625-2170
Encore Rehabilitation-Vernon   205-695-0689
Encore Rehabilitation-Winfield   205-487-0540
Ocean Springs Neurological Vestibular Rehab   228-818-1207

If rehabilitation is in your future, choose Encore!


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