Say hello to Matthew Rugger, LAT, ATC

Encore Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer Matthew Rugger #EncoreRehab

Encore Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer Matthew Rugger celebrates National Athletic Training Month with us by sharing how he became an Athletic Trainer.

“I decided to become an Athletic Trainer after my own experience with an injury. My second year in college, I tore my labrum in my shoulder while playing baseball. I was dedicated to doing my rehabilitation because I understood it would take rehab to get me back on the playing field, doing what I loved. I think it’s important to have that connection with your athletes, understanding how it feels to be injured and having compassion to get them back to playing again. The best part of being an Athletic Trainer is building relationships and mentoring high school athletes. I love seeing the priceless reaction of an injured athlete as they get to return to play after the rehabilitation process.” ~Matthew Rugger, LAT, ATC

We thank you, Matthew, for your compassion and dedication to our athletes! Happy National Athletic Training Month!


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