Celebrating National Athletic Training Month with Kaylea Johnson, ATC, with Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette

To celebrate National Athletic Training Month we wanted to spotlight all of our local athletic trainers. This weeks spotlight is Kaylea Johnson, ATC. Kaylea covers our Fayette County Region as well as Bevill State, Fayette Campus. We are thankful to have Kaylea as a part of our Encore Team! 

Why did you choose athletic training as a career?
I found athletic training by chance. I knew I wanted to be in the medical field and coming from a sports back ground it just made sense. A friend of mine knew RT Floyd and put me in contact. It was one of the best decisions of my life! 

What has been the highlight of your career?
The relationships I have made. These bonds make my job so much easier and give it so much meaning. When the athletes, parents and coaches develop a relationship with you, they learn to trust you and that makes a world of a difference in this job. There is nothing like being chased down in the Walmart parking lot by a graduated athlete for a hug and a chat. Getting to see these kids grow, mature, and develop into adults, and having a hand in that is the most rewarding feeling!

What does it mean to be back home taking care of the people in your community?
When I attended Fayette County High School, we did not have an athletic trainer. For me to be able to come back into this community that I grew up in and love, to provide a service not given to me is rewarding. I love being home and being able to care for these athletes, because they deserve to have someone there to respond to them in their time of need.

What would you tell future students that might want to become an AT? 
This is a career you get into because it is something you love. The crazy hours and long nights are definitely worth it. This job is very fun and rewarding. The lives you touch and relationships you make are absolutely priceless! 



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