Jeffery Rush makes a great recovery-again-with Pascagoula Physical Therapy Clinic and Encore Rehabilitation

Congratulations to Jeffery Rush, Jr! He is the Athlete of the Month for Pascagoula Physical Therapy with Encore Rehabilitation!

Jeffery is a Junior DE/LB for the Pascagoula High School Varsity football team.

His Physical Therapist Nathan Sexton shares, “I have had the pleasure of treating Jeffery twice in the past year. He injured his left shoulder early in the football season and worked hard in physical therapy to be able to make a full return to the football field. Unfortunately, he injured his right knee at the end of the season which sent him back to physical therapy for further rehabilitation.

“Jeffery is an extremely hard working young man that never complains and always has a smile on his face! Presently, he holds football offers from USM, Ole Miss, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, and Florida State. I look forward to seeing him dominate his senior season of football next year and at the collegiate level!”

Pascagoula Physical Therapy with Encore Rehabilitation
3615 Hospital Road
Pascagoula, Mississippi 39581



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