Brooke Sellers

Hayden Clinic Athletes of the Month, Devne Daniel and Brooke Sellers!


Congratulations to Devne Daniel and Brooke Sellers who were chosen as the Hayden Clinic Athletes of the Month!


Brooke Sellers is a junior athlete at Corner High School. She has been a member of the Lady Jackets Cheerleading team for 3 years now. Brooke has a GPA of 4.25 and plans to attend the University of Alabama to major in nursing.  She is the daughter of Corey and Leigh Ann Sellers.


Devne Daniel is a multi-sport, junior, athlete at Corner High School as well.  He has been a member of the varsity Yellow Jackets football, basketball, and baseball teams for three years now and wears the jersey numbers 1, 25, 11, and 12.  Devne has a GPA of 3.5 and plans to attend college to major in education.  He is the son of Tommie and Joey Daniel.