Vernon Encore Athlete of the Month, Collin Carruth.

Congratulations to the Vernon Encore Athlete of the Month, Collin Carruth!  Collin is a Junior, multi-sport athlete at Sulligent High School.  He plays football, baseball, and basketball for the Blue Devils and has been playing on their varsity teams for 4 years now.  He wears jersey #70 in football, #14 in baseball, and #21 in basketball.  His sports awards consist of Best Offensive Lineman and NMMC Player of the Week for football, and Defensive player of the Year for baseball. He has a 4.0 GPA and hopes to play college football while majoring in accounting.  Collin is the son of Brent and Michelle Carruth.

Keep up the good work, Collin!

One comment

  1. I really appreciate your celebration of student-athletes. As a former competitive athlete, I can relate to the determination required to pursue a sport at such a level. I wondered if you would be willing to sign up on our website for current and former athletes to share this common bond or if we could post your site on ours. It requires 20 seconds to sign up and no money. Find us at Thank you in advance!!

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