An Evening with Encore Rehabilitation-Priceville

An Evening with #EncoreRehab -Priceville

Thank you to everyone who came to “An Evening with Encore Rehabilitation” at The Terace at Priceville!

Encore Rehabilitation-Priceville’s Dr. Justin Byrd, Physical Therapist, and Kristie Byrd, Occupational Therapist, provided an educational event on topics such as fall prevention; adaptive equipment use; patient and caregiver safety; and more.

We LOVE our patients and our communities!

If you have questions about these topics or others related to patient healthcare, please call or come by the clinic.

Encore Rehabilitation-Priceville
1794 S Bethel Road, Suite C  
Priceville, Alabama 35603
Find Encore Rehabilitation-Priceville on Facebook by clicking here

We LOVE to see you move!

Justin Byrd, DPT, ATC, new Clinic Director at Encore Rehabilitation-Priceville

Anna Langlois-Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation of Priceville

NOW OPEN! Encore Rehabilitation-Fayetteville, Tennessee!


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