“I love the people who work here” -Evelyn Edwards

Encore We Love Our Patients

After Evelyn Edwards had surgery on her knee, she chose Encore Rehabilitation-Orange Grove for her rehabilitation.

Evelyn says, “The treatment I have received is great for my knee. I come three times a week. I love the people who work here.”

Thank you, Evelyn, for entrusting Encore Rehabilitation with your rehabilitation! We wish you all the best!

Encore Rehabilitation – Orange Grove
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We LOVE to see you move!


5 Stars for Encore!

We have received a lot of love from our patients over the past couple of months and wanted to share their experiences with you! If you are about to have surgery, are an injured athlete, a workers comp patient, or occupational therapy patient, we would like to share with you a few of our 5 star ratings from Facebook to show you why you should choose Encore for your physical therapy provider. You are our priority!

At age 58, I had PT for the first time in my life on my left knee. I also worked in the insurance industry for over 25 years and had little faith in PT in general. It certainly was a positive experience that I would now recommend to anyone!! I’m not much of a believer in non traditional methods, but Laura started me on Kinesio Tape and oh my god… I just purchased the 2nd roll!!! It’s absolutely amazing to me how this stuff works but I love it!! Thanks for everything Encore PT you guys were great!! – Linda

For once, I truly enjoy going for physical therapy.  – Rhonda

I can not even begin to express and say how much I appreciate y’all and what y’all have done for Payten! Marna, you have been a blessing to me every step of the way and you know I was a basket case in the beginning! LoL I could not even think of Payten being in anyone else’s hands but yours! Gordo is very lucky to have such a wonderful staff of people, Marna, Kodi, & Sammye working with our kids!!! Thank you!! – Sharon

The staff makes rehab fun!! My daughter loved it! She cried when she was done!! She loved her therapists!! – Remona

If you ever need a wonderful, fun, and caring place for physical therapy please give Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana a try. You will be welcomed as though you are family and treated with the upmost respect. – Kathy

Awesome place. Been going there since March and they do a great job. Also, thanks to Mr. Scott for sending me to the hospital when he did. Saved my life. Being very serous bout that… Had a blood clot in my lung and they were very aware of everything. – Gary

These people are great they do good work and they act like they care I been to several places for rehalp but this place beats them all they always ask how you doing like they care thanks to all of you – Benny

Hope goes BEYOND the standard treatment with her knowledge and her genuine care for her patients. I am blessed that God put her in my life! – Jennifer

I wouldn’t choose any other place to go to for rehab. All staff welcome you with a smile, treats you with respect, and shows they care and want you to get better no matter what your injury. I love Encore, and if I could give 10 stars I would!! – Blake

We are blessed to have a Physical Therapist like Adam Powell in our community. I have never met some one with so much compassion for his patients and their recovery!! – Autumn

Greatest place for service. The therapists are all very kind, friendly, knowledgable and genuinely care for their patients. I have been under their care for an ACL tear and each one of the staff has been outstanding. Marc and Brian are definitely top notch professionals as is the rest of the staff. – Jerry

Best ever. If you have to have rehab, do it here!!!! – Barbara

They are the best!!! Over the past 3 years, they have helped Miss McKenzie Matheson with all of her goals and everything. I wouldn’t want her to be getting her therapies anywhere else!!  – Casey

The people at Encore are very nice and helped me recover from multiple pulled muscles etc. I looked forward to Physical Therapy every day when i was injured and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs physical therapy! – Logan

Personal Reviews for Encore Rehab

Amanda Victoria Lusk-Stange– “I have never enjoyed physical therapy, until I received my care at this establishment. They are friendly, and care about you as a person.”

Amy Harris Montgomery – “Can’t imagine going anywhere other than Encore!!! Thank you for making everyone all feel at ease and taking you time to work with each and everyone!!”

Ruth Vanzandt– Joanna Martin, the Physical Therapist at Encore Rehab, got me to Boston in 2013 when 3 doctors said I would not be able to run due to injured hamstring. Exercises, e-stim, massage were all part of the treatment plan and it worked. I continue to do the PRI exercises she taught me & am returning to Boston in 2014. She is excellent and I will always be grateful for what she has done for me!

Peggy Brooks Saint– Am so very much enjoying my Therapy. Thank you Joanna Martin for your help, understanding & patience!

Lacy Gunter Martin– “Finally starting my physical therapy! Thought it would be a very unpleasant experience but it’s not.. I Love Encore, they have the best staff ever:) So happy I chose this place & so glad it’s only 5min away from me, lol Feeling Motivated :)”

Toni DeVaney– “Awesome group, when I should’ve gone to OT and stayed in an in-house rehabilitation, they accepted me as a patient and got me further than my doctor even imagined possible. Thank you.”

Benny Garrison– “These people are great. They do good work and they act like they care. I been to several places for rehab, but this place beats them all. They always ask how you doing like they care. Thanks to all of you.”

Angel F Signs Eipp– “They listen, treat you with respect and only Work towards your recovery. Thanks for all you have done for me.”

Dianna Varnes– “Kind and dedicated staff, they work hard to get you back to your optimal level.”

Karen Perkins Daniel– They worked wonders for me. And Stacey Martin is the best!!!

Jacob Chaffin– “Best staff I have ever worked with. Did a great job, and was willing to help me everyday.”

Deborah Sweda– “Wonderful people and excellent care. You can’t do any better!”

Charlene Taylor– “Professional and caring staff. Does their best to help you stay on the road to recovery.”

Lorraine Frazier– “The BEST and only place to go for therapy!!”

Kayla Hardy– Wouldn’t choose another place to do therapy at! The staff was awesome and really nice. Tracy was awesome!!!

Shannon Gillespie Grace– “Marc Bernier and the staff at Encore are great to work with!”

Stacey Adamson Schaeffer– “Great place to take therapy and everyone is so nice!”

Kimberly Smith Franks– “Wonderful and caring staff!”

Jason Zajac – “The best patient care in town!”

5 things to help you feel better and gain self-confidence

Research has linked any type of exercise—cardio, strength training, stretching—to greater body confidence. And it works whether or not your fitness level or weight changes, or whether your sweat sessions are mild or intense. Plus, just talking about a workout can up your self-image, says psychologist Louise Wasylkiw, Ph.D., of Mount Allison University.

2) LISTEN UP                                                                                                                            The more in touch you are with the way your body works, the less you may dwell on its appearance, says cognitive psychology researcher Vivien Ainley. In one study, women who could more accurately count their heartbeats objectified themselves less. Practices like meditation and yoga can help you tune in to you.

“You’re so tiny; my thighs are like tree trunks.” Most women think such self-deprecation is harmless or even helpful. In reality, it’s anything but. Even being involved in third-party snarking (say, dissing a coworker’s shape) can reinforce a negative view of your own body. “Challenge, then replace, fat talk,” says psychology doctoral candidate Rachel Salk of the University of Wisconsin. Praising someone else’s strength or their healthy habits can make everyone feel more confident.

Whenever you hunch your shoulders, cross your arms over your chest, or stare at the floor, you announce your self-consciousness, says body-language pro Lillian Glass, Ph.D. Try a fake-it-till-you-make-it experiment: Walk upright, as if a string is pulling from the top of your head. When you talk to someone, squeeze your butt muscles to straighten your spine, and stand with your feet a foot apart, toes pointing at the person you’re facing. Smile, and don’t be afraid to use your hands when you talk–this kind of openness makes you seem more secure.

First, do an environment scan for confidence-destroying stuff. As in: old jeans that don’t fit, a laptop perennially set to friends’ too-perfect Facebook posts. If you can’t cut this stuff out entirely, avoid it before a big moment.

*If your weight is bothering you, put away the scale for now. The number’s not going to change today, so reminding yourself of it is counterproductive.

+ Leave positive messages on sticky notes around your apartment or office. (“Yeah, you are amazing!” “You’re going to kick butt!”) Strategically place them so they’re the last things you see before stepping out the door.


**Article from Women’s Health Magazine: