Meet Athletic Trainer Scarlett Hackett!

Scarlett Hackett Kids Photo Dothan GenevaScarlett Hackett Ray Hackett Photo Dothan Geneva

In celebration of National Athletic Training Month, we’d like to introduce your Encore Sports Medicine Athletic Trainer Scarlett Hackett!

Scarlett says, “I became an Athletic Trainer because I knew I wanted to work with athletes ever since I was the water-girl for my high school football team. I also always knew I wanted to be a high school Athletic Trainer. The best thing about being an Athletic Trainer? I like helping athletes process injuries, taping, and ALWAYS having the best seat on the sidelines!”

Scarlett is a graduate of The University of Alabama and is a Board Certified Athletic Trainer. Her husband, Ray, is a coach at Geneva County High School. Together they have four children.

Thank you, Scarlett, for all you do! We wish you a GREAT National Athletic Training Month!

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Welcome to Encore Rehabilitation-Geneva, Alabama!

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