Mitchell Nicholson is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Haleyville

Mitchell Nicholson recently had rotator cuff surgery. Afterwards, he chose Encore Rehabilitation-Haleyville to be his rehab provider because of the quality and convenience. He says, “Encore was close to home and I didn’t have to go out of town.” Since coming to Encore, Mr. Nicholson is doing well and getting back to the things he loves!

We are proud to select Mr. Nicholson as our Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Haleyville! We wish you the very best, Mr. Nicholson!

Encore Rehabilitation-Haleyville
42465 Highway 195
Haleyville, Alabama 35565
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Jimmie Wakefield is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Haleyville

Adyson Robertson is Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Haleyville

Mr. Mann brings sweet treats to Encore Rehabilitation-Haleyville!

Patrick Higdon – “It’s the best place around!”

Patrick Higdon is Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise #EncoreRehab

Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise is pleased to announce Patrick Higdon as Patient of the Month! Mr. Higdon chose Encore Rehabilitation for his rehab provider following surgery for a torn meniscus. He says, “Encore is the best place around!”

Thank you, Mr. Higdon! We are proud to have you as our Patient of the Month!

Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise
404 North Main Street
Enterprise, Alabama 36330
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New signs at Encore Rehabilitation-Athens and Athens SportsFit!

Encore Rehabilitation-Athens at 22423 US Highway 72 East, Athens, AL 35613. #EncoreRehab

Athens SportsFit - 24/7 Fitness, 22423 US Highway 72 East, Athens, AL 35613. #EncoreRehab

We have new signs up at
Encore Rehabilitation-Athens and
Athens SportsFit!
Come see us today for your rehab and wellness needs!

Encore Rehabilitation-Athens
22423 US Highway 72 East
Suite B
Athens, AL 35613
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Athens SportsFit
22423 US Highway 72 East
Suite C
Athens, AL 35613
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Tracy Wales – My Weight Loss Journey

Austin Harvell-Athlete of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Athens

Encore Rehabilitation Physical Therapists attend McKenzie Method Course

Woodrow Seaman-Moving Again

Woodrow Seaman Theodore Tillmans Corner

Having suffered a dislocated elbow, Woodrow Seaman choose Encore Rehabilitation-Tillman’s Corner for his rehabilitation. He shares his thoughts about his rehab team. “Krystal and Kristen were very helpful and informative during the therapy sessions. I have regained almost full movement of my elbow. I would recommend Encore Rehabilitation to my family and friends.

Thank you, Woodrow! We are delighted to be a part of your rehab journey!

Encore Rehabilitation-Tillman’s Corner
5643 Sermon Road South
Theodore, Alabama 36582
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Loyd Caine-Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette

Loyd Caine Photo Fayette Revised

Meet Loyd Caine, Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette!

Loyd recently received physical therapy on his rotator cuff. He was pleased with his rehab at Fayette and says, “The level of care is excellent, very skilled and professional staff. They give you a family like atmosphere.”

Congratulations, Loyd, on being selected Patient of the Month! We thank you for choosing Encore!

Encore Rehabilitation-Fayette
1793 North Temple Avenue
Fayette, Alabama 35555
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Chinese Medical Professionals visit Encore Rehabilitation Facilities-Part 5

“I Feel Like a New Person!” How Physical Therapy Helped One Person


Jenny Barfield-Clinical Director for Encore Rehabilitation-Spanish Fort

Lovely lady with blond hair wearing long, beautiful turquoise and pink cross necklace

Encore Rehabilitation-Spanish Fort is proud to introduce Clinical Director Jenny Barfield, PT.

Jenny has been a practicing Clinician for 18 years and has been with Encore Rehabilitation for 11 years. She received both her Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine and her Master of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Mobile. She also holds certifications in Pilates Rehabilitation and Dry Needling.

Outside of the office, Jenny enjoys spending time exercising and being with her husband, Jason, and their kids, as they participate in local sports and church activities.

Thank you, Jenny, for the quality care you provide every day! We appreciate your dedication to excellence!

Encore Rehabilitation-Spanish Fort
30762 State Highway 181
Spanish Fort, Alabama 36527
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Encore Rehabilitation-Spanish Fort Athletic Trainer chosen as SETA Athletic Trainer of the Year

Encore-Uhler Sports Medicine Symposium- July 13-15, 2018

Instant Replay for Alabama High Schools beginning Fall 2018

New Day for Parkinson’s Support Group

Parkinsons Support Group-2

Our monthly Parkinson’s Support Group has changed the day of the month for our meetings. The new meeting time is the 2nd Thursday of each month at 4 pm.

This group is for people diagnosed wit Parkinson’s Disease and their family members. A variety of healthcare providers lead the group to provide information and better understanding of problems associated with the disease and resources for how to improve daily life. Members will be encouraged to share their experiences and questions with other members and healthcare providers. Questions are welcomed!

Ocean Springs Neurological Vestibular Rehabilitation-Adult Neuro Center
3603 Bienville Boulevard, Suite 200
Ocean Springs, MS 39564
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After stroke, David Drives Again! with Ocean Springs Neurological Vestibular Driving Program

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month


  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is an abnormal response of the body’s immune system  against the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and optical nerves). It affects the flow of information in the brain and between the brain and the rest of the body.
  • Anyone may develop MS.
  • 2-3 times more women than men develop MS.
  • MS is not contagious or directly inherited.
  • More than 2.3 million people are affected by MS worldwide.
  • MS symptoms occur when the immune-system produces inflammation within the CNS.  The inflammatory attack damages myelin, (the protective insulation surrounding nerve fibers), oligodendrocytes (cells that make CNS myelin) and sometimes the underlying nerve fiber.
  • Common MS symptoms include: fatigue; vision problems/ ringing/numbness; vertigo/dizziness; muscle weakness; balance/coordination problems; walking difficulties; speech and swallowing problems; bladder/bowel problems; cognitive difficulties; emotional changes; sexual dysfunction; and mood swings/depression.
  • The damage caused by inflammation can produce symptoms that resolve over weeks to months or symptoms that are permanent.
  • MS does not always cause paralysis. The majority of people with MS do not become severely disabled. Two-thirds of people who have MS remain able to walk, though many will need an aid, such as a cane or crutches.
  • Environmental factors, such as low Vitamin D and cigarette smoking have been shown to increase the risk of MS.
  • MS occurs in most ethnic groups but is most common in Caucasians of northern European ancestry.
  • Managing MS is an ongoing process, beginning with the very first symptoms and continuing throughout the disease course. It’s never too soon or too late to think about how to access high quality, comprehensive, interdisciplinary care.  **

    At Encore Rehabilitation, our team of Physical, Occupational,
    and Speech Therapists can help patients with MS
    to ease many of your symptoms and move, think, and feel better.

    If you are one of the estimated 2.5 million people
    diagnosed with MS, ask your doctor about
    rehabilitation with Encore or call us today.

    **Facts and Statistics from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society webpage. To find more information about Multiple Sclerosis on their website, click here.


“I feel like a new person!”

Brooke Thomas Photo East Central HurleyRevised

Brooke Thomas was pained with headaches for years. Recently she came to East Central Physical Therapy where she worked with Encore Rehabilitation Physical Therapists. Her treatment plan included Dry Needling.

Brooke shares, “My results have been incredible. I suffered from constant headaches for five years. I have tried almost any remedy you could think of. When I started physical therapy, Dry Needling was suggested and I was immediately interested. After having it done, I was hooked. Nothing that I have tried has ever relieved my headache so quickly and kept it away for this long. I love it. I tell everyone about it! Thank you so much for all of your help! I feel like a new person!”

Thank you, Brooke, for sharing your story! We wish you the very best!

East Central Physical Therapy
7001 Highway 614
Hurley, Mississippi 39555

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To learn about Dry Needling: What is it and How does it work?- click here.


Martha – “Encore was A-MAZ-ING!”

A-MAZ-ING! copy

“A-MAZ-ING!” That’s how Martha describes her experience at Encore Rehabilitation-Center Point!

Encore Rehab Physical Therapist Mallory Riggs is passionate and knowledgeable. She really cares for her patients, not only how they are doing with their rehab but also how they are feeling. She just makes you feel special. Mallory works well with all ages of patients and really develops a rapport with everyone-teenagers, middle-aged, and the elderly. I’ve told my doctor how amazing Mallory is! All of the staff are wonderful, Mallory, Katie, Sanquenetta, and Spencer.

I’ve had physical therapy in other places but this experience with Mallory and the staff at Encore has been the best rehab experience ever!”

Martha is currently participating in the Wellness Program at Encore Rehabilitation-Center Point after being discharged from physical therapy. “Now that I’m in the Wellness Program, Mallory continues to look out for my best interest and monitors me to make sure I’m doing my exercises correctly. She makes it fun which makes me want to do the program. Mallory has also helped me to set-up a written exercise schedule on the calendar so that I will stay better committed to my wellness plan.”

When you find someone this good, you want everyone to know. You need 1,000 of Mallory!

Thank you, Martha, for your kinds words. We are glad that you chose Encore Rehabilitation-Center Point!

Encore Rehabilitation-Center Point
1687 Center Point Parkway, Suite 101
Birmingham, Alabama 35215