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David Avery is pain-free and back to work after rehab at Encore Rehabilitation-Moulton

“I was at the place where I couldn’t raise my arm. After Physical Therapy, I have returned back to work without pain and doing great! Thank you to the Encore Rehabilitation-Pelham Staff and Ms. Suzanne!”~David Avery, happy patient

Thank you, Mr. Avery, for entrusting us with your healthcare. We are pleased to select you as Patient of the Month for Encore Rehabilitation-Pelham!

Encore Rehabilitation-Pelham
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Encore Work Zone Industrial Committee

The Encore Rehabilitation Corporate Office was proud to host members of the Encore Work Zone Industrial Rehabilitation Committee recently in Decatur, Alabama. It was a great day of planning and learning together. Thank you to the Committee for all you do! We appreciate your dedication and commitment to excellence!

Shown here are Doug Bates, Chris Lynch, John Henderson, Jeremy Boswell, Encore President Paul Henderson, Jay Chittam, Sid Scarborough, Elisabeth Bernier, and Sharon Smelser.


Happy Occupational Therapy Month to Chris Lynch, OTR/L, CSCS, with Encore Rehabilitation-Vestavia

Encore Rehabilitation participates in Wellness Training at UPS-Dothan

#EncoreRehab at CMSA Birmingham, Alabama

Encore Rehabilitation, Inc was represented well today at the CMSA Birmingham Conference today by Occupational Therapist Chris Lynch and Director of Industrial Relations John Henderson.

We can help your company or organization with injury prevention, safety and workplace wellness!

Contact Chris Lynch at 205-354-2442 for more info!


Happy National Occupational Therapy Month to Occupational Therapist Chris Lynch with Encore Rehabilitation-Vestavia!

Ergonomic Training at Shwinco with Encore Rehabilitation-Dothan

ASIA-Alabama Self Insured Association Winter Conference and Encore Rehabilitation, Inc.

Encore Rehabilitation, Inc. was proud to be a part of the ASIA-Alabama Self Insured Association Winter Conference at the Hyatt-Winfrey in Birmingham. Shown here are Encore representatives Chris Lynch, Sharon Smelser, and John Henderson.

For more information about Encore Rehabilitation’s Industrial Rehabilitation programs, call us at 256-350-1764 ext 2212. For over 40 years, Encore has provided high-quality rehabilitation to individuals and organizations across Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee. We LOVE to see you move!

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Dr James Robinson and Encore Rehabilitation President Paul Henderson

Encore Rehabilitation and the 2020 ASIA Winter Conference, Montgomery, Alabama

Post Offer Evaluation Test (POET) – An Invaluable Tool*

Ms Tripp is happy at Encore Rehabilitation-Arab!

Post Offer Evaluation Test (POET) – An Invaluable Tool*

Encore Rehabilitation Work Zone is ready to help you with Post Offer Evaluation Test plus a whole range of services! Call us for more info!

Post Offer Evaluation Test – An Invaluable Tool *
presented by Chris Lynch, MS, OT, CSCS;
Sidney Scarborough, MBA, PT; and Elisabeth Bernier, PTA

The Cost of Work-Related, Preventable Injuries

  • The National Safety Council estimates the cost incurred from work-related injuries in 2019 was $171 billion. 
  • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported there were approximately 2.8 million non-fatal workplace injuries in 2017.  This included wage and production losses of $53.9 billion, medical expenses of $35.5 billion, and administrative expenses of $59.7 billion.

With the expense of work-related preventable injuries on the rise, employers are looking for ways to prevent such injuries. One way to reduce the occurrence of these injuries is through the use of a Physical Demand Screen or Post Offer Evaluation Test.

What is a POET and how can this test can help?

The key purpose of a Physical Demand Screen or Post Offer Evaluation Test (POET) is to ensure an employer that an appropriate candidate for the job is being hired.  By testing the applicant against each critical job demand, the employer receives objective data showing that the applicant can do the job safely.   POETs are also helpful in identifying previous injuries that may place an employee at risk and preventing the company from being liable for injuries that occurred prior to employment.

Specific physical demands tested include but are not limited to: lifting, carrying, pushing/pulling, coordination, sustained or repetitive postures, squatting, kneeling, bending, climbing, etc. In addition, baseline musculoskeletal screens determine the range of motion and strength of the employee.

A large manufacturing company utilizing a post offer screen has seen an 80% reduction in the number of work-related injuries with the implementation of ergonomic screens and, where appropriate, job rotations. Reductions in injuries lead to savings, increased productivity, and better job satisfaction.

When and where to perform a POET?

A POET can only be completed following a conditional job offer and not in the interview or pre-employment process.  An employer has the right to be specific in which jobs to test, enabling the employer to test where on-the-job injuries occur most frequently. During the hiring process, companies must adhere to the guidelines established by the ADA and EEOC. 

Is testing required company wide?

Testing does not have to be required company wide.  However, testing must be done for every employee seeking to fill a certain position or job title.  For example, a nursing home may complete POET testing on all the nursing assistant job positions but opt not to test dietary job positions. This enables the company to pinpoint where testing is most cost effective.

Use of POET as a Fit for Duty test

The POET or Physical Demand Screen can also be used as a “Fit for Duty” test prior to an employee returning to work after a non-work-related injury.  This will ensure the employee can safely perform his/her job and assist in making reasonable accommodations if necessary.

Encore Work Zone Team Members are experts in the field, preventing and reducing injuries

The Encore Work Zone Team is ready to help you create the safest work environment, hire the most qualified employees, and create a culture of health and wellness for all of your employees through the following services:

  • Ergonomic Job Site Analysis
  • Functional Job Descriptions
  • Post Offer Conditional Pre-Placement Screenings (POETs)
  • Fit For Duty Evaluations
  • Injury Prevention Programs
  • Acute Rehab/Early Injury Intervention
  • Onsite Rehab/First Aid Screenings
  • Work Conditioning/Job Simulations
  • Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs)

Contact Encore Work Zone today to schedule POETs and other industrial rehab services! Our Encore Work Zone team has 350+ years of experience in the industrial market and is ready to help create a stronger, safer work force. To get started with services, contact Industrial Rehabilitation Coordinator Elisabeth Bernier at 205-447-7234 or  To see a complete list of Encore Rehabilitation outpatient therapy clinics, visit .      


About the Authors

Chris Lynch is an Occupational Therapist and Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach with Encore Rehabilitation-Vestavia. With over 30 years of experience of Industrial and Workers’ Compensation Rehab, he is a proven leader! He provides Encore Work Zone Industrial Rehabilitation Services in Bessemer, Clanton, Hayden, Montgomery, Tuscaloosa, and Vestavia, Alabama, as well as travels to other locations. 

Sidney Scarborough is a Physical Therapist with Encore Rehabilitation, Inc. with almost 35 years of experience in the healthcare industry both as a clinician and an administrator. Sidney provides Industrial Rehab Services in Mobile-Baldwin County, Alabama and Fort Walton Beach, Florida. He is a Regional Vice President-Business Development with Encore.

Elisabeth Bernier is the Encore Work Zone Industrial Rehabilitation Coordinator. She has been a Physical Therapist Assistant for over 25 years. She also serves as the Encore Rehabilitation Regional Rehab Director for the greater Birmingham area.­­

*The National Safety Council website has been referenced in the creation this article. To visit their website, go to

Encore Rehabilitation is a proven leader in the Industrial Rehabilitation field!

Mr. Wyman makes great recovery from a work injury with rehab at Encore Rehabilitation-Long Beach

Encore Rehabilitation and the 2020 ASIA Winter Conference, Montgomery, Alabama

Dr James Robinson and Encore Rehabilitation President Paul Henderson

Encore Rehabilitation Co-Owner Paige Plash, PT, wishes a Happy National Athletic Trainer Month

“6 Advantages of Encore Rehabilitation,” written by Andrew Stark from GuideDoc.

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Thanks for writting/rating our company Andrew! Here is his article below.

Encore Rehabilitation Services: An Overview of Encore Rehabilitation Benefits

Encore Rehabilitation is a leading provider of physical therapy and rehabilitation services, featuring dozens of locations in Mississippi and Alabama. The facility employs numerous professionals trained in medicine and physical therapy, providing the utmost standard of care for its patients. If you are in the process of recovering from an injury, there are plenty of advantages to seeking treatment through one of Encore’s locations. This guide will weigh the pros and cons of this treatment facility to help you make an informed decision about your medical care and recovery.

Advantage #1: Specialized Care

The first major advantage to seeking care through Encore Rehabilitation is that they have a variety of professionals with expertise in specific fields. From pain management and sports medicine to women’s health and work rehabilitation, you will find a medical professional who has plenty of experience with your specific reason for seeking treatment. Specificity is crucial to a good recovery since specialized therapists have up-to-date training in all the latest technologies and methods within their specialty. You can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality of care and attention from staff members who take pride in working with the problems you have and helping you reach your recovery goals. Patients have the option to work with professionals in one or more specialties, making Encore Rehabilitation a one-stop shop for physical wellness.

Advantage #2: Varied Services

In addition to basic physical therapy services, Encore also offers a variety of services to help the community. Speech-language pathology, or speech therapy, is provided at local schools so students don’t have to travel to receive services. This type of convenient care is crucial to making rehabilitation accessible to everyone. Even if you can’t go to an Encore Rehabilitation services center, there are still plenty of options available to you. Whether you decide to arrange for a therapist to visit you at your home, workplace, or school, or you choose to seek care in a hospital, Encore works with its patients to ensure that they receive timely and reliable care.

Advantage #3: WorkZone Industrial Rehab

One of the things that truly sets Encore apart from other facilities is its focus on workplace rehabilitation. The WorkZone Industrial Rehab program works with companies to create a safe and productive environment in which employees can thrive. Since so many of the injuries treated by their professionals are job related, the facility recognizes the benefit of preventing problems before they happen. You can even request that Encore visit your business to analyze workplace safety regulations and help improve working conditions for everyone. In addition to working with employers to implement policies that prevent injury, Encore also works with you and other employees to encourage healthy lifestyle choices that can stave off the effects of illness and injury. Preventative care is essential to taking care of your body and saving yourself pain and effort in the long run.

Advantage #4: Sports Medicine Expertise

Many injuries are the result of athletic activities and can be very different from those caused by routine ailments and movement. Encore Rehabilitation recognizes that sports injuries require expert knowledge and specific treatment, and the facility takes a holistic approach to managing recovery through sports therapy. Many injured athletes choose Encore when they want a facility that will focus on getting them back into condition to resume the sports they love. While hospitals frequently treat injuries, there is considerable benefit to working with individuals who understand the difference between routine injuries and sports injuries. Torn rotator cuffs, swollen joints, and ACL issues are frequently associated with sports injuries and require the specialized care and technology that Encore provides to get you back to your full athletic potential.

Advantage #5: Personalized Care

Although Encore is a large company, it operates like a series of small businesses. With numerous locations sprinkled throughout Alabama and Mississippi, Encore is able to keep the ratio of patients-to-providers low. You will receive personalized attention from your assigned healthcare professionals in an environment that has all the benefits of a major company and all the charm and attention of a small business. Healthcare can often feel like an impersonal experience in which you are just another statistic, but the Encore experience is refreshingly different. Your case will be managed by thoughtful professionals who genuinely care about your progress and want to help you reach your full potential. Support is an essential component of the rehabilitation process, and the first step in building a strong support network is working with caring healthcare providers.

Advantage #6: Treatment Length Options

Whether you are looking for long-term treatment or a quick and easy rehabilitation experience to help you get back on your feet, Encore has a variety of options to offer. You can choose between inpatient and outpatient care depending on your needs. If you can take time off from school or work, you may benefit from the extended treatment offered by Encore’s inpatient programs. This allows you to receive care around the clock without interruption, facilitating a fast recovery. On the other hand, if your commitments make it impossible to get away for an extended period of time, Encore will work with you to fit appointments into your busy schedule.

Disadvantage: Limited Locations

In spite of its many advantages, there is one major disadvantage to Encore. The company currently only offers facilities in Alabama and Mississippi. However, due to the superior quality of Encore’s services and the professional excellence of its staff members, many patients choose to make the trip and receive care at one of Encore’s many inpatient facilities. Others travel to an Encore facility and receive outpatient care while staying in the area. Your Encore team will work with you to develop a plan that meets your needs and makes travel as smooth as possible. Encore is able to provide personalized care to each of its patients to develop a treatment program that works with every aspect of their life.

To find a location near you, visit the  locations page on our website!


I’m from Portland and write about physical rehabiliation for