Bicep Curl Exercise of the Week with SportsFit Leakesville

SportsFit Leakesville Exercise of the Week is the Bicep Curl on the Arm Curl Plate-loaded Machine!

Gym Director Stacy Eubanks gives us step-by-step instructions on how to a bicep curl using the machine.

Important steps include:
*Adjust the seat
*Adjust the weight
*Find the pivot point and align elbows
*Arms straight
*Handles straight
*Engage biceps and exercise – go slowly
*Be mindful of your breathing – Exhale going up; Inhale going down

We LOVE to see you move and would LOVE to answer your questions or help you set-up a personalized exercise routine! Come by the gym and see our trained and motivated staff!

SportsFit Leakesville
433 Main Street
Leakesville, Mississippi 39451
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