SportsFit-Leakesville Yeti Cooler Winners


Congratulations to Mitchell Dixon and Jo Roberts! They are the winners of the Yeti Coolers from SportsFit Leakesville! Thanks to everyone who participated!


SportsFit Wellness Center – Leakesville
433 Main Street
Leakesville, Mississippi 39451
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Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville to host special Blood Drive-Feb 14th

BloodDrive Brian Breland Leakesville

A personal message from Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville Clinic Director Hope Backstrom

We will be sponsoring a blood drive on February 14 in memory of Brian “Yogi” Breland. I am told by the United Blood Services representative that there is a critical need with only a two day blood supply available. The units of blood donated in this memorial blood drive will be credited to both hospitals to help decrease medical expenses. Please help spread the word in your schools, churches, and communities so that we can show strong support for this family in memory if their loved one


Posture Party at Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville


Peyton Rounsaville, 2017 Greene County DYW Winner, joins Clinic Director Hope Backstrom for the Posture Party with Dariyel Johnson, Paris Pierce, and McKay Lee Bray.

Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville enjoyed hosting the Greene County Distinguished Young Women Posture Party with the Ladies Variety Club of Greene County.

Clinic Director Hope Backstrom, PT, has instructed the Greene County Distinguished Young Women (DYW) participants for 20 years. The Posture Party helps prepare young women for their on-stage presence, as well as the fitness and self-expression categories.  Hope also teaches the young ladies about how posture can impact lifelong health and wellness.  2017 Greene County DYW Winner Peyton Rounsaville was also on hand for the Posture Party. This year’s participants included Dariyel Johnson, Paris Pierce, and McKay Lee Bray.

Encore Rehabilitation, Inc. is proud to be a National Sponsor of the Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Program. 


Distinguished Young Women is a national scholarship program that combines the chance to win college scholarships with a program that offers Life Skills training to prepare young women for the world after high school. Each year DYW makes over $1.5 billion dollars in scholarships available. The Life Skills Program includes workshops and online resources where participants can learn skills like interviewing, public speaking, self-confidence building and much more.

Best of success to this year’s participants!

SportsFit-Leakesville 5K Postponed



For two years, SportsFit of Leakesville has sponsored a 5K to promote health and fitness and to benefit local schools with PE equipment. This 5k has taken place the first week of February. This year the date will change.

Due to poor weather conditions in December, Leakesville Elementary School had to postpone their 5K Color Run to this Saturday, Jan 20th. As it would be so close to the date we normally have our 5K, we will reschedule ours to a later date.

We encourage you to support LES in their 5K Color Run this weekend and support all our local schools.

We will announce our Sportsfit 5K at a later date.

Happy New Year from Encore Rehabilitation and SportsFit- Leakesville

Leaksville Staff Jan 2018Revised

Happy New Year from the staff at Encore Rehabilitation and SportsFit – Leakesville, MS! Shelia, Kim, Hope and Jeanne wish you a wonderful 2018!

Leakesville SportsFit Member of the Month, Kenney Pierce.

Kenney Pierce.jpg

Congratulations to our SportsFit Member of the Month, Kenney Pierce! He is a Leakesville native and is 65 years young. He has been a member of our gym since February of 2015 and joined to stay healthy and have more energy. He chose to join our gym because of the “great environment and excellent gym equipment.” Keep up the good work, Kenney!

2 of our SportsFit Members are future Marines!

US Marines.jpg

Grant Garretson and Tucker Zehner, members at our SportsFit gym in Leakesville MS, have been dedicated in their training for the Marines since the day we opened our doors.  Day in and day out, they’ve always given 100%.  Grant and Tucker are two of the most deserving and respectful young men we have ever seen, and we’re so proud of them and all they will accomplish in the Marine Corps!

Grant Garritson.png

Grant is a 17 year old, Senior at Greene County High School and will receive his diploma in May.

“I chose to enter the Marine Corps because I wanted to be apart of an elite organization that represented something bigger than myself. I wanted to take part in something that showed honor, courage, commitment, and selflessness. It also seemed like a good way to start off at 17 and will hopefully help me provide for a family one day, God willing.  I chose SportsFit because it was a local gym with good equipment and very helpful staff members. I would recommend the gym to anyone I know.”

James Tucker Zehner.png

Tucker is a graduate of Greene County High School and is 18 years old.  He boarded a plane today for Boot Camp on Paris Island.

“I joined the military because its always been something I’ve wanted to do since I was little and I joined the marines because they’re the best. Also chose sportsfit because its local convenient and they have a very friendly staff!”

Thank you, Grant and Tucker, for serving our country!

Semper Fi.

Leakesville Encore Athlete of the Month, Keanu Franks.

KEANU action       KEANU FRANKS pow Oct2014

Congratulations to the Leaksville Clinic Encore Athlete of the Month, Keanu Franks! Keanu is a senior at Greene County high school in Leakesville, MS and is a member of the football and basketball teams. He was awarded Player of the Game in basketball vs. Perry Central last December and is a 3 time Player of the Week. Keanu is the son of Karen Walker.

Good luck the rest of your senior football and basketball seasons, Keanu!