Allan Backstrom is flying high again!

Congratulations to Allan Backstrom who is flying high after successful rehab with Encore Rehabiltiation-Columbus and Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville!
Allan, a member of the Mississippi State Wakeboard Team, suffered a severely torn ACL. He has worked hard to get back to wakeboarding at a competition level again. We are proud of the progress he has made and wish him every success!
We LOVE to see you move, Allan!

“10 easy tips for eating healthy while on the road or on vacation this summer.” by AL.com

Laura Newton, an assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition Sciences at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), offers these 10 suggestions:

Plan ahead: “Choose foods to take in the car, eat before arriving at the airport and consider the options available upon arrival at the destination,” Newton said in a UAB news release this week.

Keep it on ice: Put a cooler in the car and pack it with such healthy treats as fruit, yogurt, water, cut-up vegetables and sandwiches on whole-grain bread.

Eat this, not that: Make the best food choices you can when you’re on the road. At convenience stores, go for yogurt, fresh fruit, fruit cups or nuts (which are good in moderation.) At burger joints, the most simply prepared items are the healthiest choices, according to Newton. She suggests a plain hamburger with lettuce and tomatoes or a grilled chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes. You can also hold the mayo and dressing and choose kid-size portions.

Don’t eat out all the time: If possible, rent a hotel room or vacation home with a refrigerator and stock it with good food. “It can be easier to eat healthful meals when cooking yourself,” Newton said.

Moderation, moderation: Try not to miss meals, because this can cause you to overeat at the next meal. “Pack a cooler for the beach and take water, fruit, maybe some nuts and string cheese,” Newton said. “This type of mini-meal is easily portable and can help tide people over until they can have a regular meal.”

Go ahead, be good to yourself: Don’t feel you have to completely give up favorite vacation foods. “You should definitely indulge, but in moderation, maybe one small treat a day or one splurge day during the week,” Newton said. “Ask for a small portion of the regional favorite or order from the appetizer menu.”

Start restaurant meals with salad or veggies: “This will help fill you up so you don’t eat more of a higher-calorie item,” Newton said. “Ask for extra vegetables or substitute another vegetable in place of a starch.”

Search the web: Look online for restaurants in the area you’re visiting. Review the menus in advance and decide what to eat before you go.

Drink lots of water: People often mistake dehydration for hunger, according to Newton.

Stay active! “This doesn’t need to be strenuous exercise, such as running or lifting weights, but do go sightseeing on foot or take a hike, swim in the pool or at the beach,” Newton said.”

Source: http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2014/05/post_1150.html


2014 Decatur Dragon Boat Races


Dragon Boat Race & Festival

Join us for the Decatur Dragon Boat Race & Festival, May 10th at Point Mallard Aquatic Center Beach! This will be family-friendly, all day event you don’t want to miss! Proceeds go to The Decatur Morgan Hospital Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization providing financial support to the programs and services of Decatur Morgan Hospital.

“Dragon boat racing is the one of the fastest growing sports in the world and the most fun, unique cultural event featuring adrenaline-pumping action. Teams of 20 paddlers, a drummer and steerer race in authentic, 46-foot-long dragon boats. All ages, skill levels and physiques can paddle, making it the ultimate team building sport, requiring synchronicity and finesse, more than power to win.”

So bring your folding chair, a blanket and some sunscreen and enjoy the races! We hope to see you there!

The deadline to register for a dragon boat team is April 28th! Sign up here: http://www.decaturdragonboat.org