SportsFit of Leakesville Member of the Month

Wade Courtney – Super SportsFit Member, Leakesville!

Wade Courtney is recognized as a Super SportsFit Member at SportsFit Leakesville

SportsFit-Leakesville would like to recognize Wade Courtney as a Super SportsFit Member! 

Wade is dedicated to his fitness program and has encouraged many of his co-workers and family members to become SportsFit members as well.  He works out with them and helps encourage a healthier lifestyle.

Wade says, “I love working out at the Leakesville SportsFit gym.  There are really good people that are gym members and employees, and, on top of that, I just really love to work out!  It’s kinda like my therapy.  I feel much better all the way around while working out and I just like having a regular workout schedule.”

Thank you, Wade, for being a Super SportsFit Member! 

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Olivia Eubanks, Scholar-Athlete with Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville

SportsFit of Leakesville Member of the Month, Celena Easterling.

Celena Easterling.JPG

Congratulations to our SportsFit of Leakesville Member of the Month, Celena Easterling! Celena is 35 years old and has been a member since April 2015. She has lost over 40 pounds by working hard at the gym everyday. She is one of the most dedicated members we have at our gym!

When asking Celena why she chose SportsFit as her gym she said,

“My friend asked me to come with her. It has been the best experience ever and has helped me become a ‘better me.’ The people are awesome and motivate me everyday!”

Celena’s motivation for working out is,

“Jamie McLeod, Kim Green, Kim Pierce and so many others that are killing it to reach their own goals. 

Keep working hard Celena! We are so proud of you!