Encore Rehabilitation-Fort Walton Beach supports #GoRedforWomen

#EncoreRehab - Fort Walton Beach supports #GoRedforWomen

Encore Rehabilitation-Fort Walton Beach staff wore red today to support #GoRedForWomen with the American Heart Association. #GoRedForWomen is an annual event to raise awareness for Women’s Heart Health. According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer of women causing 1 out of 3 deaths every year.

To learn more about Women’s Heart Health, visit the American Heart Association’s website by clicking here.

Encore Rehabilitation-Fort Walton Beach
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Fort Walton Beach, Florida 35247
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#Encore10 and Malcolm with Encore Rehabilitation-Fort Walton Beach

“A Great Experience from beginning to end,” Adrian Medelling with #EncoreRehab – Fort Walton Beach

Happy Web-nesday from Encore Rehabilitation-Fort Walton Beach!

Encore Sports Medicine works to Prevent Baseball Injuries

Preparing for Baseball Season!

Our Physical Therapists and Athletic Trainers are being trained to screen baseball pitchers all over the Gulf Coast for injury causing mechanisms. Our goal is to prevent injuries BEFORE they happen, allowing our baseball pitchers to start the season right! Our Sports Medicine Team seamlessly works together to be your Sports Medicine Resource!

Encore Sports Medicine – We LOVE to see you move!

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” at Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville

Ms. Cheryl Johnson made us all want to be home for Christmas with her beautiful rendition of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas”! Thank you, Ms. Johnson, for sharing your musical talent!

Merry Christmas from the Encore Rehabilitation – Leakesville Rehab Team!

Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville
433 Main Street
Leakesville, Mississippi 39451

Christmas Musical Treat at Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville

A special thank you to Ms. Carrie Burley for sharing her musical talents with us! We greatly enjoyed your “Go Tell It On The Mountain” solo! Merry Christmas, Ms. Burley!

Encore Rehabilitation-Leakesville
433 Main Street
Leakesville, Mississippi 39451
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Merry Christmas from Encore Rehabilitation-Grenada!

Encore Rehabilitation-Grenada wishing you and your family a very blessed Christmas and New Year! 


Encore Rehabilitation-Grenada wishes you and your family a very blessed Christmas and New Year!

Encore Rehabilitation-Grenada
1322 C Sunset Drive
Grenada, Mississippi 38901
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Battle Ropes: Workout of the Week with SportsFit Leakesville

4 ways to use the Battle Ropes in your workout!

Battle Ropes Exercises are this week’s Workout of the Week! Join SportsFit Leakesville Gym Director Stacy Eubanks as he demonstrates 4 basic ways to use the Battle Ropes in your workout routine!

If you have an exercise or piece of equipment you would like to Stacy to feature, please leave us a comment below.

We LOVE to see you move!

SportsFit Leakesville
433 Main Street
Leakesville, Mississippi 39451
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Encore Rehabilitation Food Drive to benefit Decatur Neighborhood Christian Center

Encore Rehabilitation Corporate Office and the Encore Rehabilitation Decatur Central Billing Office would like to thank all the employees that participated the 3rd Annual Food Drive! Your generous support will help many families in the Decatur area.

Donations were collected in November to benefit this year’s recipient, the Decatur Neighborhood Christian Center. The NCC is located on 619 Bank Street, ​Decatur, Alabama. For more information at the NCC, please visit their website:

Pictured here are representatives from the NCC and Encore Rehabilitation.

Lincoln County Mayor Newman and Encore Rehabilitation-Fayetteville

Lincoln County Mayor Newman declares October Physical Therapy Month and recognizes the active role Physical Therapy plays in promoting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle - with #EncoreRehab Fayetteville, Tennessee

A BIG THANK YOU to Lincoln County Mayor Bill Newman for recognizing the significant role Physical Therapy plays in promoting an active and healthy lifestyle with an Official Proclamation for Physical Therapy Month! Encore Rehabilitation-Fayetteville Clinic Director Sarah Suddarth is shown here on the right beside Mayor Newman. 

If you have questions about how Physical Therapy may help you with strength, balance, agility, or other questions, we would be happy to help! 

Physical Therapists are Movement Experts! 

Encore Rehabilitation-Fayetteville
1816 Huntsville Highway
Fayetteville, Tennessee 37334
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Mrs. Moore and others contribute to food drives at Encore Rehabilitation clinics

Thank you to Mrs. Moore and everyone who are supporting Food Drives at many of our Encore Rehabilitation locations! Thank you for giving from the heart!

We LOVE our communities!

Mrs. Moore is donating at Encore Rehabilitation – Enterprise, Alabama!

Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise
404 North Main Street
Enterprise, Alabama 36330
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#Encore10 with Friends at Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton

Team Work makes the Dream Work at Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton! Patients and Therapists share their group #Encore10 to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month! Great job, Jessie, Logan, Jordan, Lucy, and Drew!

#Encore10 is 10 moves, 10 reps, or 10 seconds of movement for PT Month! We LOVE to see you move!

Encore Rehabilitation-Hamilton
1261 Military Street S
Hamilton, Alabama 35570